award-winning educator, mental health advocate, social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author/writer, program executive, and radio host

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  • Maggie Linton Show - 09/09/13 - Segment 1 of 2 - discussion about Mr. Young's books, "It's a Crazy World...Learn From It"series and "Above Expectations - My Story: an unlikely journey from almost failing high school to becoming a college professor", including conversation about his educational challenges, the importance of individual accountability and responsibility, impact of an individual's environment, the necessity of a good support system, and the power of choice.

  • The Maggie Linton Show - 09/09/13 - Segment 2 of 2 - discussion about Mr. Young's book, "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?", including conversation about workplace bullying, the importance of reporting and documenting bullying incidents, organizational policy, and the impact of bullying on consultants.

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