award-winning educator, mental health advocate, social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author/writer, program executive, and radio host

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Mr. Young is excited to provide knowledge that leads to individual and collective growth, while also sharing life experiences that inspire others to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Life won't wait for you to get ready; you're the one who needs to catch-up.

S. L. Young

About S. L. Young

S. L. Young released his "It's a Crazy World...Learn From It" series in 2012 and 2013, which contain easily understandable inspirational quotes to deal with a sometimes crazy world.  Mr. Young's book about 'workplace bullying' (May 2013) brings greater attention to an ugly topic that isn't discussed enough, along with thoughtful solutions to address various types of workplace harassment.  Mr. Young's book about his 'unlikely educational journey' (July 2013) details his ability to overcome numerous challenges from being directed to leave high school in 10th grade and graduating in the bottom 8% of his high school class.  Notwithstanding these challenges, he would later become a college professor.  Other books by Mr. Young are about his battle to deal with depression and recovery from a near-suicide (June 2014 / July 2015), ethics (March 2014), and soft skills development (May 2014): belief, communication, negotiation, time management, & more.  Also, in December 2012, Mr. Young created a non-profit organization to provide educational services to individuals in at-risk communities (e.g., students and inmates).