award-winning educator, mental health advocate, social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author/writer, program executive, and radio host

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Books used with the Arlington County (VA) Department of Health & Human Services, the Arlington County (VA) Detention Facility programs, and with the CUNY - Brooklyn Campus class "PSYC 4210: Field Experience in Child Psychology," and at Marymount University in Mr. Young's class "DSC 101: Developing Foundational Strength and Success Tools."

  • Above Expectations - My Story
  • Choosing To Take A Stand
  • It's a Crazy World...Learn From It (Parts I - IV)
  • Management Spotlights (Belief, Communication, Negotiation, Time Management)
  • Turning Darkness Into Light
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Future Topics:

  • Lessons learned and used in the classroom after my journey from opportunity "at-risk" student to college professor​.
  • Lessons learned from a dog fighting to live with cancer.
  • Lessons learned from my journey to discover meaning and my life's purpose after my near-suicide in March 2014, which led to me giving-back in unimaginable and profound ways.

In Development:

  • Book: ​i am My Mother's Keeper: because my mother kept me
  • ​Movie Script: Above Expectations - My Story
  • Movie Script: Turning Darkness Into Light

Published Books (also available on the Amazon Kindle):

Above Expectations - My Story: An unlikely journey from almost failing high school to becoming a college professor 

  • This story is about the power of choice, a dream, desire, and determination to achieve a goal after being directed to leave high school in the 10th grade

Bullies...They're In You're Office, Too: Could you be one?

  • Identifies types of workplace bullying, the impact of bullying on targets, uses solution-oriented case studies based on actual events with critical thinking questions, and methods to deal with workplace bullies

Choosing To Take A Stand: Changed me, my life, and my destiny

  • This story is about negative outcomes that can happen due to choosing to make ethical choices.  The information in this book details depression, suicidal thoughts, the struggle to recover, and the unexpected positive journey that occurred as a result.

Ethical Opportunity Cost: It's a matter of choice

  • Identifies types of ethical dilemmas, the opportunity costs of being ethical, uses solution-oriented case studies based on actual events with critical thinking questions, and methods to deal with ethical challenges.

It's a Crazy World...Learn From It: Part I: Taking Care of Me

  • Life quotes to help individuals deal with past challenges in preparation for "Part II: Moving Forward"

It's a Crazy World...Learn From It: Part II: Moving Forward

  • Life quotes to help individuals move beyond past challenges in preparation for "Part III: Keeping It Going"

It's a Crazy World...Learn From It: Part III: Keeping It Going

  • Life quotes to help individuals remain in a present, positive, and mentally healthy state in preparation for "Part IV: The Journey Continues"

It's a Crazy World...Learn From It: Part IV: The Journey Continues

  • Life quotes to help individuals to keep moving forward on their life's journey toward fulfilled lives

Management Spotlight Series(available on the Amazon Kindle)

  • Address various skills and topics in mini-books
  1. Belief
  2. Communication
  3. ​Negotiation
  4. Time Management
  5. Workplace Bullying
  6. Conflict Management (TBD)
  7. ​Critical Thinking / Thick-Skin (TBD)
  8. ​Ethics (TBD)
  9. Persistence and Resilience (TBD)
  10. Workplace Bullying: Impact on Successful Project Delivery (TBD)

Turning Darkness Into Light: Inspiring Lessons After a Near-Suicide

  • Bold, candid, and powerful information based on Mr. Young's journey to battle depression, recover after a near-suicide, and raise awareness about mental health challenges